Oct.15 Kayaking to a beautiful cave. Snorkel is also fun!

Half Day Kayak & Cave Tour


We paddled up to Nikko Bay’s popular spot, Emerald Cave.

No wind, no waves, perfect condition for kayaking. The surface of the water looks like a mirror, with blue sky and clouds, and if you can see this, it promises the best kayak field.

Snorkel time in a gentle cove. There are many corals on the side of the island, and when you look in the sea, it is a small world of small fish.


I was able to take an interesting one. It looks like there are two fish, but the upper fish is reflected on the surface of the water.In other words, there is only one fish.

Arrived at the destination Emerald Cave. It is a cave with a beautiful emerald green sea color.

Snorkel in the Cabbage Wall. The mysterious landform between the sea and the lake is an interesting place.

The weather was fine until the end of the tour. We recommend this tour where you can fully enjoy Palau’s sea even in half a day.

Tour photos on Oct.15

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