About us

Photo is Wonderful World in Japan.

What is Wonderful World Palau?

Wonderful World Palau started in April 2018. It is a section of Impac Tours that specializes in kayaking.

The name of the section came from a kayak tour agent in Japan, South Izu Wonderful World.

I was with that company for 6 years and found it rewarding to learn about the environment and communicate with people in nature.

Palau still has wonderful nature and this is a legacy that should be preserved for the next generation.

With this in mind, I am working under the name of Wonderful World Palau.

Guide greeting

Hi, I am Ando from Wonderful World Palau.
My nickname is Andy, so feel free to call me that.

I have lived in Palau for 10 years and have about 20 years of kayaking experience. My hobbies are camping and ukulele.

Wonderful World Palau is run by me alone, so I am Japanese, but any nationality is welcome.

My English is not perfect, but many English speakers and other nationalities have already joined and enjoyed our activities.

There are borders on the sea, but when you are on a kayak, there are no nationality boundaries.

Come on, let’s paddle together in Palau!