Wonderful World Palau Tour List

Wonderful world Palau has one day tour and half day tour. On this page you will see a brief description of each tour, please click “Check the detail” at the bottom of each tour name for details.

One day tour list

Explore Nikko Bay and experience the wonders of the islands and caves.
Once in a life adventure.

Experience kayaking in northern part of Palau.Featuring mangroves,beaches and island in Ngarchelong State.

Half Day Tour List

It is a fun tour where kayaking, snorkeling and also visited Emerald cave at Nikko Bay.

Enjoy Nikko Bay even a short amount of time,your snorkeling in a very calm and clear water. see all the corals, fishes and other marine life.

Experience kayaking in Airai state of Palau.The Airai area has some histrical place that is related to the WWⅡ.You can see the cave used by the Japanese navy and the water scouting aircraft.