【May.12.2023】Palau has been having good weather every day. Today’s Nikko Bay was also nice.

Nikko Bay Cave explore Tour


Nikko Bay again today, and the sea conditions were good, so we were paddling a little outside as well.

Recently, I have been taking pictures during the car ride to Koror Island. Because, you know, when you see such a beautiful ocean, you just want to take pictures, don’t you?

And I think, “Oh, today is the best sea condition ever.” Then we came to Nikko Bay to park the trailer with the kayaks. The sea conditions are still perfect.

Today’s tour is a one-day Nikko Bay course. Morning tide is high and suitable for snorkeling, so we started snorkeling right away.

Leisurely paddling along Rock Island. The sea is really beautiful, with the colors changing one after another.

Since Nikko Bay is an inner bay, the basic ocean color is green-based, while blue is the base color when you go to the outer ocean.

The pale hues of the ocean are nice, but the jungles of the rock islands are also stunning. When the sun’s rays illuminate the jungle plants, it is a world of art created by nature.

Once you are in the shade of the trees, lie down on your kayak. You will be able to feel the beautiful green color of various species.

Since our guests were interested in WW2 battle sites, we visited a pillbox built by former Japanese soldiers. On the indoor walls, there are still messages in Japanese addressed to the families of the soldiers, who would have been young at the time.

I wonder what they were thinking as they looked at this beautiful sea?

The next stop was Emerald Cave. It has a beautiful emerald green hue when the sunlight shines through.

This place is also called Bat Cave. The name comes from the fact that small bats, which sleep in the cave during the day, fly around the cave at night.

Want to come at night?

I wouldn’t recommend it. We came here at night once before, and there were so many bats that they often hit us and our kayaks, which is a spectacular sight. There is no danger, but it was not a good feeling. So, daytime is recommended.

Lunch time on the beautiful beach of Rock Island. Just looking at this view makes me happy. After lunch, it is great to lie down while looking up at the jungle greenery.

In the afternoon, we explored another cave for a bit. The limestone in the cave was beautiful. It is a good cave with many other good photo spots to enjoy.

Nice rock island outside of Nikko Bay. The weather was nice, so I was able to get some good pictures.

Toward the end of the tour, a few clouds were rolling in and it looked like it might rain at any moment. However, we managed to escape the rain clouds and arrived at the port.

Palau has been experiencing good weather, but the rainy season is almost here. I wonder how long the good weather will last.


Thank you for participating in the tour. It is close to your country of residence, and we hope you will come back to Palau to visit us again!

Tour Photos


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