【AUG.10.2023】We enjoyed a long snorkel while touring the caves at Nikko Bay.

Nikko Bay Cave Explore Tour


Today we paddled a full day course in Nikko Bay.

The weather was not perfect due to a low pressure system, but the inner bay of Nikko Bay was calm.

First, we paddled leisurely along the rock island. The island is located in shallow water, so you can see the corals from the kayak.

Today’s guest was a diver, so we went to see the unique fish of the inner bay.

Can you guess where they are?

The fish’s name is Shrimpfish, and although it is named Shrimp, it is a fish. They are very hard to find because they mimic seaweed and swim vertically. Being able to see these fish is one of the attractions of Nikko Bay.

Two guests were good swimmers, so we snorkeled longer than usual. We enjoyed the corals and citations that can only be seen in the inner bay.

We then visited Bat Cave, where my camera had an anomaly. Unfortunately, it seemed to be malfunctioning. So that’s it for today’s tour photos. My apologies.

After Bat Cave, the tour took us to the outer beaches of Nikko Bay for lunch, Tarzan Cave, Skylight Cave, and other caves.

At the last snorkeling spot we visited, a guest found a cute fish. Very lucky. Personally, I think it is the cutest fish in Nikko Bay.

They are not so cute as adults, but as juveniles they are very cute. They are named after their fluttering swimming style and cute pattern, which makes them look like clowns.

I have posted a video that I uploaded to Youtube before.The English translation of the subtitles is below.

In Nikko Bay..

I found a cute fish..

The way it swims is very cute…

But it is not cute when it grows up…

What? I’m still cute, right?


Thank you for participating in the tour! Thank you for participating in the tour! We apologize for the lack of photos due to camera malfunction.

Please feel free to contact us again for another chance!

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