【AUG.08.2023】It was quite an intense tour due to the low pressure!

Nikko Bay Caves Explore Tour


Today we took a half-day course to visit caves.

The weather was a little cloudy, but the wind was calm and we started paddling leisurely to Nikko Bay.

Paddling in the fresh morning air is pleasant. The ocean was clear and beautiful.

Marine Lake Snorkeling off the kayak. You can enjoy the unique underwater world of Nikko Bay in the inner bay.

These thin zucchini-like things you see when swimming in Nikko Bay are actually mangrove seeds.

The rounded tip is the seed, and each has a different shape. The seeds are swept away by the tide or wind, but if they have different shapes, they will flow in different directions, eventually landing on the bottom and taking root.

This is how they are distributed over a wide area, which is how species are preserved.

After visiting Bat Cave, we paddled to the open water side for lunch. The sky darkened and squalls began to fall. Also, the low pressure made the waves in the open sea higher and it was not easy.

After lunch, the rain stopped and we toured several caves.

Tarzan Cave is one of the few caves in Palau that can be visited on land. Once inside, the cave is surprisingly spacious and the stalactites are beautiful.

We passed a small mushroom island and took a break in a calm cove.

The last one is Skylight Cave. If you visit in the morning, it is a wonderful spot where the morning sun shines through.

The return trip is a short cut back to the port. It was quite a dizzying tour with the changing weather.


Thank you for participating in the tour! Also, please wait a moment as we will email you the proof of the accident regarding your cell phone.

Please feel free to contact us again for another chance!

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