【Mar.10】 “Oh my God!” Encountered a crocodile! ?

Half Day Kayak & Cave Tour


Paddling at Nikko Bay.We enjoyed cave explore & snorkeling.

The wind was calm, the weather was good and the conditions were just right for kayaking.

It was hot so snorkel time. Nikko Bay has a lot of corals along the island, which is also home to small fish.

The color inside the cave changed depending on the location, and it was a fantastic atmosphere.

When the weather is good, the Palau sea is beautiful anyway.

The guest was excited, “ANDO! Look a little!” The reason is that he found a crocodile fish on Cabbage Coral. We were able to meet a very rare fish.We met crocodile fish, not real crocodile.lol

We then saw a large cabbage coral and guests also tried synchronized swimming.

The tide level is spring tide because it was a full moon today. We passed under Rock Island and returned to the port, feeling the ebb and flow.


Nikko Bay kayaking is an interesting place with many discoveries every day.I recommend visiting at least once when you come to Palau.

Tour Photos on Mar.10


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