【July.15.2023】Palau is a wonderful world after the rain.

Half Day Kayak & Cave Tour


Kayaking in Nikko Bay, Today we paddled to a spot only at low tide.

Today’s guest is a Palau resident. At this time when there are still few tourists, we are grateful that local people come to visit us.

Palau’s main tourist attractions are the World Heritage Rock Island and the South Lagoon, but it is actually not well known that the nearby Koror Island has some great spots that are just as good.

Today’s course, Nikko Bay, is one such place. It is an inner bay, so the corals are a bit plain, but it is a paradise for small fish. It is a good spot to enjoy calm marine lake snorkeling.

The coral reef shallows seen from the top of the kayak are also very beautiful. It is also good that there are no waves and it is easy to paddle because it is an inner bay.

There are several caves in Nikko Bay, and this is one of them. It makes a good photo spot when the sun shines near the entrance of the cave.

There are several nice spots in Nikko Bay, but the spots you can go to depend on the tide level.

After passing through a secret tunnel, a small unexplored area awaits you.

You can also see jellyfish here, although not as much as at Jellyfish Lake. If you take a picture of a jellyfish floating in the calm marine lake from directly below, you can create a “flying jellyfish.

Leaving Marine Lake behind, we paddled again. It squalled a bit, but Palau is really beautiful after the rain. The wind was calm and the surface of the water was flat and like a mirror. The blue sky reflected on the surface of the water is wonderful.

The conditions were good, but nature can suddenly change. The return trip was a bit hard due to the headwind, but we are happy to hear that the guests had a good time.

Nice paddling!


Thank you for participating in the tour and I am sorry to I could not be with you on your friend’s tour.

Please feel free to contact us again for another chance!

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