Feb.16 Nikko Bay, there is Palau’s boasting kayaking paradise!

Nikko Bay Cave Explore Tour

Thank you for the tour on 2/16 Nikko Bay Cave explore Course, everyone who participated.

The weather was cloudy or sunny, and it was just right for the kayaking.

The first cave, the name is Emerald Cave. When light is inserted near the entrance, it will become a beautiful color.

Paddling toward the outside of Nikko Bay. The color of the sea gradually changes.

Lunch break at the beach on the desert island. We found a blue starfish.

We went around the cave in the afternoon. Tarzan Cave with a sense of adventure.

Kayaking while watching the beautiful Rock Island. The color of the transparent sea is a natural art.

Snorkel with a calm cove.Since there is no wave, children can enjoy it safely.

Nikko Bay is surrounded by the islands, and the waves are always calm so it is a kayak paradise.

Feb.16 Tour Photo is here↓