Aug.24,AM Nikko Bay is fun even on rainy day. Don’t give up enjoying the rainy day!

Half Day Kayak & Cave Tour

We paddled up to Emerald Cave in Nikko Bay today.The weather was rainy in the morning, but We ware able to kayaking unexpectedly comfortably because there was no heat.

When it departs from the port, it rained a bit and paddled Rock Island.

Snorkel in the Cabbage Wall. There weren’t many fish here, but We enjoyed a mysterious sight that was suitable for calling between the sea and the lake.

The rain did not stop, but today’s customers were good paddling, so they visited Emerald Cave.

Snorkel again because there was time. The weather is still raining. It has fallen even stronger. Do you think snorkeling is not fun in such a weather?

My answer is no. The reason is that the island of Rock Island has no soil, so it is beautiful in the sea even in the rain.

If you look up from the water, the sight of rain falling on the surface of the water is interesting, and you can enjoy the sight that you can’t see on a sunny day.

However, snorkels in the rain get cold. It is important to keep your body temperature by wearing a raincoat. Let’s be careful not to get hypothermia.

Wild birds who don’t want to get wet in the rain. Such a sight is unique on a rainy day. The same goes for wild birds who don’t like rain. On rainy days, you can enjoy it if you take care of your physical condition. Let’s enjoy the rain!

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