【Dec.26】Paddling at high speed in Nikko Bay, it was a very good exercise.

Half Day Kayak & Cave Tour


Today We have been paddling Nikko Bay since the afternoon.

The weather was good for paddling. I couldn’t take my selfie very well. In my opinion, taking a selfie is a special skill of a woman, so it’s natural that I can’t shoot well.

After a little paddling we enjoyed snorkeling. Here is a beautiful cabbage coral and an underwater world unique to the inner bay.

Usually paddling slowly, but today’s guests were brilliant kayaker, so We traveled around Rock Island at a significant speed.Even if I was seriously paddling, He always had a position close to me so I didn’t losing speed and becam more faster paddling.

Arrived at Emerald Cave in no time.Today there was a visitor near the cave, a group of Westerners. They left the cave first and left ahead in the same direction as us, but our speed was fast and we caught up on the way. In other words, today’s guest were really good paddling.

Another snorkel. This time, We enjoyed watching calm shallow water and the life of cute little fish.

On the way back, We were paddling to the port at the same speed as outbound route.


Today was a pleasant paddling. I think it was a very good exercise.

Tour Photos on Dec.26


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